Composition of IQAC

As per the latest guidelines of NAAC Bangalore the IQAC of IGGC is being constituted comprising head of the institution as a chairperson with certain other senior teachers and representatives of local management, societies and other stakeholders.

The composition of IQAC are as follows at presents:

1Dr. Kangki Megu, PrincipalChairman
2Dr. M.K Jana, Associate Professor, CommerceCo-ordinator/Director
3Dr. K.R Babu, Associate Professor, CommerceMember
4Dr. Fames Linggi, Assistant Professor, EconomicsMember
5Dr. Abbu Pulu, Assistant Professor, GeographyMember
6Dr. S.K Pradhan, Assistant Professor, EducationMember
7Sri P.Gombu, Assistant Professor, ChemistryMember
8Dr. T. Yama, Assistant Professor, EducationMember
9Ms. M. Mansai, Assistant Professor, EnglishMember
10Sri Kajal Karmakar – SDO, DC Office, Tezu (Sr Administrative Officer)Member
11Ms. Prakriti Yun, Vth Semester (Nominee from Student)Member
12Sri Jogen Tamai, Political Assistant, D.C Office, Tezu (Nominee from Alumni)Member
13Sri Soloi Ngadong (Nominee from Local Society)Member
14Sri Septemso Tayang, C/o D.C Office, Tezu(Nominee from other Stakeholder)Member